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The Colleges of Nursing website is the result of work by a group of Thai students living in Bangkok. I'm Robert, and I graduated from UC Berkeley. We are making a free directory of higher education, starting in the United States and Canada in English, then expanding into Asia and Europe, via multiple languages. On our main site at, you can find long lists of schools, and visit only those you are interested in, keeping our page open in the background, or saving our site to your favorites.

We also have subject pages, focusing mostly on online classes, but also choosing a college major, multiple choice tests to practice on, and ultimately, career training. However, let's not get so involved with the career training as to forget our search for meaning, creativity and love. With this in mind, please look around, and if you have questions, or would like to update data for your college, please contact us directly.

If any domain name that we have a page on is trademarked in your country, and your nation has an intellectual property treaty with Thailand, please let us know, and we will transfer to your school at no cost.

To contact us, please send an email to "microdomain at" or call (+66)87-123-3737, but please note Bangkok time zoning is about 12 hours different than the center of the US and Canada, so if you call about 20:00 (8pm), it's 8:00 (8am) here.

Nursing Tests
Basic Nursing - Test 1
Basic Nursing - Test 2
Basic Nursing - Test 3

Paramedic 1
Paramedic 2

Cellular Biology 1
Cellular Biology 2

Psychology - Test 1
Psychology - Test 2

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 This website is not affiliated with any educational institution © 2015. Disclaimer: We utilize public-domain data, and apologize for errors in reporting. If numbers, verbiage or degree programs for your college are incorrect, please contact us with the right data, whether you're a student or faculty. If you prefer, you may submit an original page to replace your school's listing entirely.